I love to be in love

I miss being in love
any time I’m not falling in love with someone feels like time I’ve wasted
any time I’m not feeling the immovable, heart shattering, ego destroying force of attraction towards another person feels boring to me
I would rather sit here with my heart broken, crying over the loss of my lover, feeling a hole in my heart so deep that I lose myself in it than exist without someone who makes me feel at home
someone who makes me feel like there’s sunshine running in my veins
someone who makes everything feel like spring
flowers grow in my stomach at the sound of her voice, violins play the sweetest symphony when I see her smile, I want that
I miss being so irretrievably in love with someone to the point where I would sacrifice myself for a second more with them
I miss dreaming about the time we’d spend together, about the things we had said, about the things that we’ll do
I love to be in love